Visitors are requested to go through the Terms and Conditions of ToyExpress.In for availing rental services for toys/books/puzzles/board games.

ToyExpress.In reserves the right to update the prices of items and Terms and Conditions from time to time, with or without prior notice. The updated version of Terms and Conditions can be reviewed by clicking on “Terms and Conditions” tab located at the bottom of the Website page. The updated version will supersede all previous versions. Use of the Website after updations made implies that the user has agreed to the updated version.

Toys rented/circulated by ToyExpress.In can be/are in “used & in new-like” condition but are rented out in sanitized and safe condition. However, there will be no guarantee of brand new toys being delivered during Toy/Books/Puzzles/Board Games rental cycle.

ToyExpress.In items being rented out to customers may have scratches on them to the extent that the functionalities of the item are not affected.

ToyExpress.In will not be responsible for any damages or injury to any person or child as a result of use or misuse of its toys or property. We make no warranties of any kind, express, implied, statutory or otherwise for any service we provide.

Refundable Security Deposit

Customers must pay refundable security deposit to ToyExpress.In based upon the toys chosen by them. Customers will not receive any interest on this deposit. This deposit will be refunded when the customer returns the toy, after deduction of dues (if any) to ToyExpress.In.
In case the product taken on rent gets lost, depreciated amount as per company rules will have to be borne by the customer. In case it is more than the security amount, the balance payment will have to made by the customer.

Registration Fee

All people willing to enroll as a customer with have to pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of INR 300/-

Rental Fee

To avail the services the customer can choose a toy(s) based on their requirements from the available catalogue. Each toy has a different rental. Toy(s) can be borrowed online, however delivery is made only if the rental amount is >= Rs 500 and after realization of the total amount (Registration Fee+ Rent of toy + Refundable Deposit).

Renewal of Same Toy

A reminder mail to return the toy is sent 5 days prior to end date. Automated return request is initiated 3 days prior to the end date. In case the customer wishes to continue the same toy, they should reply to the mail or call to inform the same. In case no response is received from the customer, the toy will be picked as per end date of the toy.

In case, the customer is not available for return we will reattempt pick up on next route. However, if customer is not available to return the toy on this day also, the toy will be auto-renewed with the lowest rental period available for that item and corresponding payment will become due from customer.

ToyExpress.In has the right to change/revise/modify the Rental Prices at any time without giving prior notice. However, in case of modification of prices, the same will be applicable to existing customers only at the end of validity period of current toy.

All products in circulation will continue to remain the property of ToyExpress.In.

Any change in address needs to be communicated to ToyExpress.In.

Members are not allowed to exchange toys with friends or other family members even if they are members of ToyExpress.In. All toys must remain at borrowers home.

Delivery/Return Instructions

Customers are requested to count the number of piece(s)/ check the quality of the toy at the time of delivery. In case of any disconnect please get the same recorded on the “Issue Form” available with the Delivery Boy. The issue form will be considered as final at the time of return of item as well.

The Home Delivery Agent of ToyExpress.In will also check each product thoroughly at the time of return to check for missing parts and whether the returned product is in the same condition as it was delivered as per the “Issue Form”. Members are requested to ensure that the items returned are cleaned for any visible debris (i.e. food, dirt etc.) before returning back.

Any complaint regarding the functionality of the borrowed item must be received within 24 hours of delivery for it to be considered as a valid complaint. Appropriate measures will taken by ToyExpress.In team to rectify or exchange the item without any additional charge to the member. However, under no circumstances will a compliant regarding an item be acceptable beyond 24 hours of delivery, the same may be charged to the member at the discretion of the company.

Post return all items go through rigorous Quality Check by the Quality team. In case any damage/missing part/functionality issue is highlighted, it will be intimated to the member by the next working day through email / sms. In case of missing part the member can return the same within 7 days failing which an additional charge will be levied depending on the repairability/availability of the missing item. In case the item is beyond repair depreciated cost of the toy will be charged and the same will be intimated to the member through email /sms.

Please make sure to return all the pieces of the toy at the time of return.

In case, the missing pieces are found later and need to be picked up by ToyExpress, then an extra delivery charge of RS 236 will be charged or the customer can send to our office premises.

Payment Refund/Adjustments

Registration fee and Rental fee once paid are non-refundable under any circumstance.

ToyExpress.In reserves the right to stop/delay any issued payment in case of any discrepancy countered at the time of final closure/return of items.


All disputes will be settled in the courts of New Delhi City only.