ToyExpress provides toys, utilities and books, puzzles on rental basis for a fortnight, a month, a quarter or half year depending on your needs. With a comprehensive catalogue of more than 2000 toys, ToyExpress.in aims at providing a ‘Joyful and Toyful’ childhood to the little ones.
Why should I rent toys?
You bundle of joy has just arrived? He is growing too quickly and so are his and your need of toys and utilities. Kids grow out of the toys because their learning needs change every month between the age of new born and 3 years. An infant learns to roll at 3 months, sit at 6 months, crawl at 8 months and starts walking anytime after 10 months. And at all these various stages, toy requirements also change. If the toy is not ‘just right’ for the baby, he will stop playing with it.

Little older kids can explore all the features of a toy in a maximum period of one month. Then they look for something else to stimulate their mind.

The world of play is changing with toys getting smarter day by day. And with this change comes the steep rise in the toy prices. In today’s time, all branded, good quality toys are very costly and cost at least Rs 5000+ per piece. You may not feel the heat if this was a one-time expenditure. However, this is hardly the truth. In fact it has almost become a bi-monthly expenditure. Renting toys allows you to use all of these at just fraction of it’s cost.

So, apart from being costly, buying too many toys clutter the house as well. You may give 500 toys to your child to play with, but he would end up playing with 10-15 toys only. And the rest of the toys just clutter your home, adding an extra task to clean them up from time to time and in fact leaving little lesser space for the kids to actually play! You wouldn’t want to be in this situation, right?!
Are used toys safe for my child?
ToyExpress.in follows stringent cleaning process before delivery of each toy.
a. We clean toys with baby cleansers from Chicco.
b. Then a kid friendly disinfectant solution from Chicco is used thoroughly to sanitize the toys.
c. The toys are steam cleaned at 100 degree Celsius to kill germs and bacteria.
d. The cloth part of toys is either machine washed or dry cleaned.
e. The toys are finally blow dried, shrink wrapped and packed.
Do I have to take a membership plan to borrow toys?
No, we have made the whole process very simple for you. You don’t have to choose any membership plan to borrow toys. Just select the toy and the duration for which you want to borrow and checkout.
How do I get my deposit back?
The deposit will be returned to the member in bank account or by cheque within 7-10 working days, after pick up of the toy and after making any necessary deductions (damage toy cost/pending payment).
What do I do if my child breaks/ damages a toy?
However the chances are very less that a toy is damaged because we keep the best quality toys in our library. Still, If a toy/ book is damaged by your child, then you have two options:

a . If a part is damaged, we try to repair it and charge only the actual cost of repair.
b. In case it cannot be repaired then we charge you the depreciated cost of toy ranging between 20% to 60% less than MRP.
What if my child misplaces any toy piece?
If you lose a part, we will give you a fortnight to find that part. In case you can't find it, we charge the cost of replacement of the part(s) as below:

-Upto 5% pieces missing - Rs.500
-Upto 10% pieces missing - Rs.1000
-More than 10% pieces missing - Discounted Market Price of the toy
How do I make payment?
We accept the following modes of payment:
-Debit / credit cards or net banking of all major banks
-Cash on delivery (COD)
-Cash card / other wallets
-E-gift voucher
NEFT details:
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Account No : - 05862560000612
Account Type : Current A/c
Branch : Green Park, New Delhi
IFSC Code : HDFC0000586
Which are your delivery areas?
We deliver all across Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Greater Noida.
How fast can I expect the delivery?
We have specified days of delivery in each area as follows:
South Delhi, Gurgaon: Monday, Thursday North Delhi, West Delhi: Tuesday, Friday Noida, East Delhi: Wednesday, Saturday At max, you will be able to receive the delivery within 3 working days.
What if I don’t like the toy at the time of first delivery?
We always recommend that you understand the working or other details of the toy from our Toy EXPRESS before delivery. However, If you don’t like the toy at the time of first delivery (COD Payment Case) and the toy is in proper working condition, then Rs. 100/- will be charged as delivery Charge. However, if you order another toy of your liking within a week, then this amount will be adjusted in your plan.
What is the refundable security deposit?
This is the deposit we take from every customer. The deposit will be returned to the customer in cheque/bank account within 7-10 working days, after pick up of the toy and after making any necessary deduction (is any). In case the product taken on rent gets lost, depreciated amount as per company rules will have to be borne by the customer. In case it is more than the security amount, the balance payment will have to made by the customer.
Do I need to remember when to return the toy?
Don't worry about remembering when to return. We will send you an email notification a week prior to when your return is due, so that you can plan and schedule your next toy accordingly. In case, you do not confirm about the next toy, our executive will come for reverse pick up on the schedule end date.
What if I am not available at the scheduled time of pickup?
No worries at all. If you receive a call for the pickup and you are not ready, simply ask the pickup guy to come on next route. We do not charge extra for delay up to 3 working days.
Do I have to clean the toys before returning?
We request you to clean the toys with a dry and clean cloth before you return.
How do I place return request?
Don’t worry, we will arrange the reverse pickup of toys from your doorstep on the return due date. You are requested to keep the toy packed and ready to be picked by our executive.
What if I received a broken toy?
In case of such a black swan event, contact us within 12 hours of receiving the toy. We will immediately schedule a return pickup or replacement of the same toy.

Any damages notified post 12 hours would be considered as damage at customer's side and the full cost of the toy would be charged to the customer.