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Are You Picking ‘Safe’ Toys for Your Kids ??

Toys are an integral part of a fun childhood. Apart from engaging your little ones, toys also greatly help in building motor, creative and reasoning skills of your child. For most parents, when picking up toys for our children, we make sure that they are safe for play and carefully consider the components included in the toy ensuring they are okay for our kids. When reading up or buying toys online, you may have often come across the term toxic toys.

Toxic elements make way into our homes in different ways, be it pollution, food and these days even the toys. Confused? Toxic toys contain certain metals and chemicals which have harmful effects on humans and animals.Three chemicals that are known to be of ....

maximum concern when it comes to toys are: lead, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA). Amongst all these materials, lead is a chemical that is of maximum concern which is found in the paint used by cheap, Chinese manufactured toys. Small children especially toddlers tend to put toys in their mouth which causes consumption of the lead.

According to various medical researches and top doctors, lead poisoning is seen as a clear issue which can cause chemical disruption in a child’s brain, kidneys and the bones. It can even cause severe stomach infections especially when they tend to swallow small pieces which may go unnoticed by parents.

When buying toys for your children, you should certainly see the Brand Name as it ensures quality of the product you buy for your child. We as parents in the quest of buying more toys for our children, settle for cheaper Chinese toys, which may seem inexpensive but are certainly a risk to your child’s health and well being. Many countries have passed safety standards that toys being retailed must meet, however in a country like India where there is an entire unorganized market selling cheap Chinese toys, control and vigilance becomes deficient.

As a parent, when buying toys go for branded toys, even if it means paying a premium.Branded toys come with a quality assurance and are tested by various safety agencies to meet the regulatory norms before reaching your kids. The plastic used in branded toys is BPA free and the paint is lead free, which makes the toys non-toxic for your little ones.

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