In today’s world, joint families are a passé where the other family members would guide and help the new parents with what’s best for the baby. In nuclear families today, the new parents want to give the best to the child but at the same time they are absolutely confused as to what is best for them.

We were in this same situation a few years back when our lil bundles of joy came into our lives. As a new born, we were so confused whether a swing will be good or a rocker? A pram or a stroller? Should we give him a walker? These questions never stopped till our son was about 5 -6 years old. And then his tantrums started at the toy shop to buy toys which you never wanted to buy. Finally as a parent, you have to give in and buy that toy which your child will not even look at after reaching home!! Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

As a parent we always thought if there was a service which could guide us with which toys are best for our child! Or may be we could just lend them for a few days when we need them. May be some service could give new toys to our child and take them away when the child is done playing! It was then that we decided to start this service and help our fellow moms – a service which will bring happiness to the child as well as the parents!

We started our Toy Rental Services in Delhi NCR in 2015. People loved our concept and our services and our customer base grew rapidly. In 2016 we expanded our offerings – we started PLAY ZONES on rent at your venue! This was equally loved by all. And gradually we added many more party activities, games, rides and shows along with all theme decorations and became a one stop solution for kids’ entertainment.

Today we are one of our kinds in the services offered by us. We are proud to share that we have been awarded as the BEST ONLINE TOY LIBRARY by India Kids Brand Awards in 2019.

  • Save Space

    Create space in your home for your kids to play rather than clutter all around with toys that never get used beyond a few weeks.

  • Save Time

    Stop wasting time travelling across the streets of the city finding that perfect toy for your lil one – because we deliver and pick at your doorstep – and that too for FREE!!

  • Save Money

    By renting out toys, your child is exposed to the best brands and latest toys from the vast variety available with us at a fraction of the cost as compared to buying.

  • 100% Sanitized Toys

    At ToyExpress.In, we pay special attention to the hygiene and upkeep of the toys and make sure that all the item we provide are completely safe for your children.

  • Trending Toys

    Our team of experts understand how the ‘right toys’ are crucial in building the mental, physical and cognitive abilities of children. Keeping the same in mind the library is regularly updated with latest toys to bring to best to you

  • Play Zones

    We are experts in setting up Play Zones at your venue designed for all age groups at affordable rates.

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