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Clay Doll Clay Princess Slime Clay Kids

Price  : Rs. 360    
Product Description
Kids and clay sets are a great combination as these sets enable kids to develop their creative and motor skills.

Key Features
  • Super light clay which is highly soft and light weight making it easy for the kids to mould. The clay is 30% lighter than other clays available in the market which just means more volume and longer play.
  • The product comprises of 12 clays available in bright and attractive colors. The tool set available with the clay set allows the kids to mould shapes and designs with ease and perfection.
  • The clay is an air dry form, which requires 48 Hours of drying before you can preserve your child’s creation and flaunt it as a show piece.

Apart from buying this for your child, this clay set also makes for an innovative birthday party return gift to give your little kiddie guests.

WARNING- The product is not be swallowed and hence adult supervision is recommended when playing with this products.


Category : Art & Craft Supplies
Recommended Age : 3+ years
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