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Dinosaurs a children's Encyclopedia
Worth of Item : Rs. 899
Product Description

Dinosaurs A Children's Encyclopedia (DK) provides a glimpse into the world of prehistoric creatures that once roamed our planet. The book is designed exclusively for the young reader, and presents information in a manner that is clear and yet not over-simplified.

Dinosaurs have always been a source of fascination for young and old minds alike, with various attempts of exploring their lives and times being made throughout history. Dinosaurs A Children's Encyclopedia is a complete visual encyclopedia, providing a colourful treat to the eye of the young reader. It covers the entire range of prehistoric animal life. The book is packed with information on more than 100 varying species, from the giant dragonfly to the powerful Velociraptor. Apart from providing interesting facts and figures, the book includes some of the latest discoveries and photographs on dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. These newly commissioned photographs on some of the world’s most complete fossils are sourced from recent discoveries in North America and Europe. The book can be a valuable guide for budding fossil hunters and young dinosaur enthusiasts.

The book is aimed at an audience of about 9-11 years. It was published by Penguin UK in the year 2011, and is available in hardcover.

Brand : Others
Category : Puzzle/Book/Board Game
Age Range : 5 - 8 Years
8 - 14 Years
Intelligence Type : Word Smart
Recommended Age : 5+ years

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